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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# The Qubes OS Project,
# Copyright (C) 2017 Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
#                               <>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along
# with this program; if not, see <>.

''' qvm-run tool'''
import argparse
import contextlib
import os
import shlex
import signal
import subprocess
import sys

import multiprocessing

import select

import qubesadmin.exc
import qubesadmin.utils

parser =

parser.add_argument('--user', '-u', metavar='USER',
    help='run command in a qube as USER (available only from dom0)')

parser.add_argument('--autostart', '--auto', '-a',
    action='store_true', default=True,
    help='option ignored, this is default')

parser.add_argument('--no-autostart', '--no-auto', '-n',
    action='store_false', dest='autostart',
    help='do not autostart/unpause qube')

parser.add_argument('--pass-io', '-p',
    action='store_true', dest='passio', default=False,
    help='pass stdio from remote program')

parser.add_argument('--localcmd', metavar='COMMAND',
    help='with --pass-io, pass stdio to the given program')

    action='store_true', default=None,
    help='run the command with GUI (default on if "DISPLAY" is set)')

parser.add_argument('--no-gui', '--nogui',
    action='store_false', dest='gui',
    help='run the command without GUI')

parser.add_argument('--colour-output', '--color-output', metavar='COLOUR',
    action='store', dest='color_output', default=None,
    help='mark the qube output with given ANSI colour (ie. "31" for red)')

parser.add_argument('--colour-stderr', '--color-stderr', metavar='COLOUR',
    action='store', dest='color_stderr', default=None,
    help='mark the qube stderr with given ANSI colour (ie. "31" for red)')

parser.add_argument('--no-colour-output', '--no-color-output',
    action='store_false', dest='color_output',
    help='disable colouring the stdio')

parser.add_argument('--no-colour-stderr', '--no-color-stderr',
    action='store_false', dest='color_stderr',
    help='disable colouring the stderr')

    action='store_true', dest='filter_esc',
    help='filter terminal escape sequences (default if output is terminal)')

    action='store_false', dest='filter_esc',
    help='do not filter terminal escape sequences; DANGEROUS when output is a'
        ' terminal emulator')

    action='store_true', dest='service',
    help='run a qrexec service (named by COMMAND) instead of shell command')

parser.add_argument('--no-shell', action='store_true',
    help='treat COMMAND as a simple executable, not a shell command')

target_parser = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()

target_parser.add_argument('--dispvm', action='store', nargs='?',
    const=True, metavar='BASE_APPVM',
    help='start a service in new Disposable VM; '
         'optionally specify base AppVM for DispVM')

# add those manually instead of vmname_args, because of mutually exclusive
# group with --dispvm; parsing is still handled by QubesArgumentParser
target_parser.add_argument('--all', action='store_true', dest='all_domains',
    help='run command on all running qubes')

parser.add_argument('--exclude', action='append', default=[],
    help='exclude the qube from --all')

parser.add_argument('cmd', metavar='COMMAND',
    help='command or service to run')

# use argparse.REMAINDER here, not '*' ― the latter swallows a leading "--".
parser.add_argument('cmd_args', nargs=argparse.REMAINDER, metavar='ARG',
    help='command arguments (implies --no-shell)')

[docs] def copy_stdin(stream): '''Copy stdin to *stream*''' # multiprocessing.Process have sys.stdin connected to /dev/null, use fd 0 # directly while True: try: # select so this code works even if fd 0 is non-blocking[0], [], []) data =, 65536) if data is None or data == b'': break stream.write(data) stream.flush() except KeyboardInterrupt: break stream.close()
[docs] def run_command_single(args, vm): '''Handle a single VM to run the command in''' run_kwargs = {} if not args.passio: run_kwargs['stdout'] = subprocess.DEVNULL run_kwargs['stderr'] = subprocess.DEVNULL elif args.localcmd: run_kwargs['stdin'] = subprocess.PIPE run_kwargs['stdout'] = subprocess.PIPE run_kwargs['stderr'] = None else: # connect process output to stdout/err directly if --pass-io is given run_kwargs['stdout'] = None run_kwargs['stderr'] = None if args.filter_esc: run_kwargs['filter_esc'] = True if isinstance(, and \ not args.passio and \ not args.localcmd and \ args.service and \ not args.dispvm: # wait=False works only in dom0; but it's still useful, to save on # simultaneous vchan connections run_kwargs['wait'] = False # Ugly hack: if args.dispvm is not None, then args.VMNAME is actually the # command, and args.command the first argument to the command. if args.dispvm is not None and args.VMNAME is not None: args.cmd_args.insert(0, args.cmd) args.cmd = args.VMNAME args.VMNAME = None use_exec = len(args.cmd_args) > 0 or args.no_shell copy_proc = None local_proc = None shell_cmd = None if args.service: service = args.cmd elif use_exec: all_args = [args.cmd] + args.cmd_args if vm.features.check_with_template('vmexec', False): service = 'qubes.VMExec' if args.gui and args.dispvm: service = 'qubes.VMExecGUI' service += '+' + qubesadmin.utils.encode_for_vmexec(all_args) else: service = 'qubes.VMShell' if args.gui and args.dispvm: service += '+WaitForSession' shell_cmd = ' '.join(shlex.quote(arg) for arg in all_args) else: service = 'qubes.VMShell' if args.gui and args.dispvm: service += '+WaitForSession' shell_cmd = args.cmd proc = vm.run_service(service, user=args.user, **run_kwargs) if shell_cmd: proc.stdin.write(vm.prepare_input_for_vmshell(shell_cmd)) proc.stdin.flush() if args.localcmd: # pylint: disable=consider-using-with local_proc = subprocess.Popen(args.localcmd, shell=True, stdout=proc.stdin, stdin=proc.stdout) # stdin is closed below proc.stdout.close() elif args.passio: copy_proc = multiprocessing.Process(target=copy_stdin, args=(proc.stdin,)) copy_proc.start() # keep the copying process running proc.stdin.close() return proc, copy_proc, local_proc
# pylint: disable=too-many-statements
[docs] def main(args=None, app=None): '''Main function of qvm-run tool''' args = parser.parse_args(args, app=app) # pylint: disable=unidiomatic-typecheck if type(args.cmd) is not str: # pylint: disable=unidiomatic-typecheck if type(args.cmd) is list and not args.cmd: # Work around an argparse bug: if COMMAND is literally "--", it is # misparsed as an empty list! args.cmd = '--' else: raise AssertionError('args.cmd misparsed somehow? (this is a bug)') if args.passio: if args.color_output is None and args.filter_esc: args.color_output = 31 if args.color_stderr is None and os.isatty(sys.stderr.fileno()): args.color_stderr = 31 if len( > 1 and args.passio and not args.localcmd: parser.error('--passio cannot be used when more than 1 qube is chosen ' 'and no --localcmd is used') if args.localcmd and not args.passio: parser.error('--localcmd have no effect without --pass-io') if args.color_output and not args.filter_esc: parser.error('--color-output must be used with --filter-escape-chars') if args.service and args.no_shell: parser.error('--no-shell does not apply to --service') retcode = 0 verbose = args.verbose - args.quiet if args.passio: verbose -= 1 if args.gui is None: args.gui = (os.environ.get("DISPLAY") is not None) # --all and --exclude are handled by QubesArgumentParser domains = dispvm = None if args.dispvm: if args.exclude: parser.error('Cannot use --exclude with --dispvm') dispvm = qubesadmin.vm.DispVM.from_appvm(, None if args.dispvm is True else args.dispvm) domains = [dispvm] elif args.all_domains: # --all consider only running VMs domains = [vm for vm in domains if vm.is_running()] if args.color_output: sys.stdout.write('\033[0;{}m'.format(args.color_output)) sys.stdout.flush() if args.color_stderr: sys.stderr.write('\033[0;{}m'.format(args.color_stderr)) sys.stderr.flush() copy_proc = None try: procs = [] for vm in domains: if not args.autostart and not vm.is_running(): if verbose > 0: print_no_color('Qube \'{}\' not started'.format(, file=sys.stderr, color=args.color_stderr) retcode = max(retcode, 1) continue if not args.dispvm and vm.is_paused(): if not args.autostart: if verbose > 0: print_no_color( 'Qube \'{}\' is paused'.format(, file=sys.stderr, color=args.color_stderr) retcode = max(retcode, 1) continue try: vm.unpause() except qubesadmin.exc.QubesException: if verbose > 0: print_no_color( 'Qube \'{}\' cannot be unpaused'.format(, file=sys.stderr, color=args.color_stderr) retcode = max(retcode, 1) continue try: if verbose > 0: print_no_color( 'Running \'{}\' on {}'.format(args.cmd,, file=sys.stderr, color=args.color_stderr) if args.gui and not args.dispvm: wait_session = vm.run_service('qubes.WaitForSession', stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL) try: wait_session.communicate(vm.default_user.encode()) except KeyboardInterrupt: with contextlib.suppress(ProcessLookupError): wait_session.send_signal(signal.SIGINT) break proc, copy_proc, local_proc = run_command_single(args, vm) procs.append((vm, proc)) if local_proc: procs.append((vm, local_proc)) except qubesadmin.exc.QubesException as e: if args.color_output: sys.stdout.write('\033[0m') sys.stdout.flush() vm.log.error(str(e)) return -1 try: for vm, proc in procs: this_retcode = proc.wait() if this_retcode and verbose > 0: print_no_color( '{}: command failed with code: {}'.format(, this_retcode), file=sys.stderr, color=args.color_stderr) retcode = max(retcode, proc.wait()) except KeyboardInterrupt: for vm, proc in procs: with contextlib.suppress(ProcessLookupError): proc.send_signal(signal.SIGINT) for vm, proc in procs: retcode = max(retcode, proc.wait()) finally: if dispvm: dispvm.cleanup() if args.color_output: sys.stdout.write('\033[0m') sys.stdout.flush() if args.color_stderr: sys.stderr.write('\033[0m') sys.stderr.flush() if copy_proc is not None: copy_proc.terminate() return retcode
if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main())