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# The Qubes OS Project,
# Copyright (C) 2016  Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
#                                       <>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along
# with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
# 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

''' Tool for importing rpm-installed template'''

import asyncio
import glob
import os
import pathlib

import shutil
import subprocess

import sys

import grp

import qubesadmin
import qubesadmin.exc
    # pylint: disable=wrong-import-position
    have_events = True
except ImportError:
    have_events = False

parser =
    description='Postprocess template package')
parser.add_argument('--really', action='store_true', default=False,
    help='Really perform the action, YOU SHOULD REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING')
parser.add_argument('--skip-start', action='store_true',
    help='Do not start the VM - do not retrieve menu entries etc.')
parser.add_argument('--keep-source', action='store_true',
    help='Do not remove source data (*dir* directory) after import')
parser.add_argument('--no-installed-by-rpm', action='store_true',
    help='Do not set installed_by_rpm')
parser.add_argument('--allow-pv', action='store_true',
    help='Allow setting virt_mode to pv in configuration file.')
    help='Specify pool to store created VMs in.')
parser.add_argument('action', choices=['post-install', 'pre-remove'],
    help='Action to perform')
parser.add_argument('name', action='store',
    help='Template name')
parser.add_argument('dir', action='store',
    help='Template directory')

[docs] def get_root_img_size(source_dir): '''Extract size of root.img to be imported''' root_path = os.path.join(source_dir, 'root.img') # deal with both cases: split tar and non-split tar part_path = root_path + '.part.00' tar_path = root_path + '.tar' if os.path.exists(part_path) or os.path.exists(tar_path): # get just file root_size from the tar header path = part_path if os.path.exists(part_path) else tar_path with subprocess.Popen( ['tar', 'tvf', path], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL) as p: (stdout, _) = p.communicate() # -rw-r--r-- 0/0 1073741824 1970-01-01 01:00 root.img root_size = int(stdout.split()[2]) elif os.path.exists(root_path): root_size = os.path.getsize(root_path) else: raise qubesadmin.exc.QubesException('root.img not found') return root_size
[docs] def import_root_img(vm, source_dir): '''Import root.img into VM object''' # Try not break existing data in the volume in case of import failure. If # volume needs to be extended, do it before import, if reduced - after. root_size = get_root_img_size(source_dir) root_path = os.path.join(source_dir, 'root.img') if os.path.exists(root_path + '.part.00'): rpm_symlink = os.path.join(source_dir, 'template.rpm') if not os.path.exists(rpm_symlink) or not os.path.islink(rpm_symlink): raise qubesadmin.exc.QubesException( 'template.rpm symlink not found for multi-part image, ' + 'using up-to-date `qvm-template install ...` should help') with open(rpm_symlink, 'rb') as pkg_f: # note: part files assumed to be in proper order, which is OK # (generated using an RPM spec file with a glob pattern # POSIX-required to sort matching files + tar preserves order) with subprocess.Popen( ['rpm2archive', '-'], stdin=pkg_f, stdout=subprocess.PIPE ) as rpm2archive: with subprocess.Popen( ['tar', 'xzSOf', '-', '--wildcards', '*/root.img.part.*'], stdin=rpm2archive.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE ) as tar_parts: with subprocess.Popen(['tar', 'xSOf', '-'], stdin=tar_parts.stdout, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) as tar_root_img: rpm2archive.stdout.close() tar_parts.stdout.close() vm.volumes['root'].import_data_with_size( stream=tar_root_img.stdout, size=root_size) if ( rpm2archive.returncode != 0 or tar_parts.returncode != 0 or tar_root_img.returncode != 0 ): raise qubesadmin.exc.QubesException( 'root.img extraction failed') elif os.path.exists(root_path + '.tar'): with subprocess.Popen(['tar', 'xSOf', root_path + '.tar'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) as tar: vm.volumes['root'].import_data_with_size( stream=tar.stdout, size=root_size) if tar.returncode != 0: raise qubesadmin.exc.QubesException('root.img extraction failed') elif os.path.exists(root_path): if == 'socket': # check if root.img was already overwritten, i.e. if the source # and destination paths are the same vid = vm.volumes['root'].vid pool =[vm.volumes['root'].pool] if (pool.driver in ('file', 'file-reflink') and root_path == os.path.join(pool.config['dir_path'], vid + '.img')):'root.img already in place, do not re-import') return with open(root_path, 'rb') as root_file: vm.volumes['root'].import_data_with_size( stream=root_file, size=root_size)
[docs] def reset_private_img(vm): '''Clear private volume''' vm.volumes['private'].clear_data()
[docs] def import_appmenus(vm, source_dir, skip_generate=True): """Import appmenus settings into VM object (later: GUI VM) :param vm: QubesVM object of just imported template :param source_dir: directory with source files :param skip_generate: do not generate actual menu entries, only set item lists """ if os.getuid() == 0: try: qubes_group = grp.getgrnam('qubes') user = qubes_group.gr_mem[0] cmd_prefix = ['runuser', '-u', user, '--', 'env', 'DISPLAY=:0'] except KeyError as e: vm.log.warning('Default user not found, not importing appmenus: ' + str(e)) return else: cmd_prefix = [] # store the whitelists in VM features # separated by spaces should be ok as there should be no spaces in the file # name according to the FreeDesktop spec source_dir = pathlib.Path(source_dir) try: with open(source_dir / 'vm-whitelisted-appmenus.list', 'r', encoding='ascii') as fd: vm.features['default-menu-items'] = \ ' '.join([x.rstrip() for x in fd]) except FileNotFoundError as e: vm.log.warning('Cannot set default-menu-items, %s not found', e.filename) try: with open(source_dir / 'whitelisted-appmenus.list', 'r', encoding='ascii') as fd: vm.features['menu-items'] = ' '.join([x.rstrip() for x in fd]) except FileNotFoundError as e: vm.log.warning('Cannot set menu-items, %s not found', e.filename) try: with open(source_dir / 'netvm-whitelisted-appmenus.list', 'r', encoding='ascii') as fd: vm.features['netvm-menu-items'] = ' '.join([x.rstrip() for x in fd]) except FileNotFoundError as e: vm.log.warning('Cannot set netvm-menu-items, %s not found', e.filename) if skip_generate: return # TODO: change this to qrexec calls to GUI VM, when GUI VM will be # implemented try: subprocess.check_call(cmd_prefix + ['qvm-appmenus', '--set-default-whitelist={!s}'.format( source_dir / 'vm-whitelisted-appmenus.list'),]) subprocess.check_call(cmd_prefix + ['qvm-appmenus', '--set-whitelist={!s}'.format( source_dir / 'whitelisted-appmenus.list'),]) except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e: vm.log.warning('Failed to set default application list: %s', e)
[docs] def parse_template_config(path): '''Parse template.conf from template package. (KEY=VALUE format)''' with open(path, 'r', encoding='ascii') as fd: return dict(line.rstrip('\n').split('=', 1) for line in fd)
[docs] async def call_postinstall_service(vm): '''Call qubes.PostInstall service And adjust related settings (netvm, features). ''' # just created, so no need to save previous value - we know what it was vm.netvm = None # temporarily enable qrexec feature - so vm.start() will wait for it; # if start fails, rollback it vm.features['qrexec'] = True try: vm.start() except qubesadmin.exc.QubesException: del vm.features['qrexec'] else: try: vm.run_service_for_stdio('qubes.PostInstall') except subprocess.CalledProcessError: vm.log.error('qubes.PostInstall service failed') vm.shutdown() if have_events: try: # pylint: disable=no-member await asyncio.wait_for([vm]), qubesadmin.config.defaults['shutdown_timeout']) except asyncio.TimeoutError: try: vm.kill() except qubesadmin.exc.QubesVMNotStartedError: pass else: timeout = qubesadmin.config.defaults['shutdown_timeout'] while timeout >= 0: if vm.is_halted(): break await asyncio.sleep(1) timeout -= 1 if not vm.is_halted(): try: vm.kill() except qubesadmin.exc.QubesVMNotStartedError: pass finally: vm.netvm = qubesadmin.DEFAULT
[docs] def validate_ip(ip): """Check if given string has a valid IP address syntax""" try: return all(0 <= int(part) <= 255 for part in ip.split('.', 3)) except ValueError: return False
[docs] async def post_install(args): '''Handle post-installation tasks''' app = vm_created = False # reinstall and running in dom0, using the same directory as qubes core local_reinstall = False try: # reinstall vm =[] if app.qubesd_connection_type == 'socket' and \ args.dir == '/var/lib/qubes/vm-templates/' + # VM exists and uses the same directory as target vm - on # final cleanup remove only some files, not the whole directory local_reinstall = True except KeyError: if app.qubesd_connection_type == 'socket' and \ args.dir == '/var/lib/qubes/vm-templates/' + # vm.create_on_disk() need to create the directory on its own, # move it away from its way tmp_sourcedir = os.path.join('/var/lib/qubes/vm-templates', 'tmp-' + shutil.move(args.dir, tmp_sourcedir) args.dir = tmp_sourcedir vm = app.add_new_vm('TemplateVM',, label=qubesadmin.config.defaults['template_label'], pool=args.pool) vm_created = True'Importing data') try: import_root_img(vm, args.dir) except: # if data import fails, remove half-created VM if vm_created: del[] raise if not vm_created:'Clearing private volume') reset_private_img(vm) vm.installed_by_rpm = not args.no_installed_by_rpm # do not generate actual menu entries, if post-install service will be # executed anyway import_appmenus(vm, args.dir, skip_generate=not args.skip_start) conf_path = os.path.join(args.dir, 'template.conf') if os.path.exists(conf_path): import_template_config(args, conf_path, vm) if not args.skip_start: await call_postinstall_service(vm) if not args.keep_source: if local_reinstall: # remove only imported root img root_path = os.path.join(args.dir, 'root.img') for root_part in glob.glob(root_path + '.part.*'): os.unlink(root_part) else: shutil.rmtree(args.dir) # if running as root, tell underlying storage layer about just freed # data blocks if os.getuid() == 0:['sync', '-f', os.path.dirname(args.dir)])['fstrim', os.path.dirname(args.dir)]) return 0
[docs] def import_template_config(args, conf_path, vm): """ Parse template.conf and apply its content to the just installed TemplateVM :param args: arguments for qvm-template-postprocess (used for --allow-pv option and possibly some other in the future) :param conf_path: path to the template.conf :param vm: Template to operate on :return: """ conf = parse_template_config(conf_path) # Import qvm-feature tags for key in ( 'no-monitor-layout', 'pci-e820-host', 'linux-stubdom', 'gui', 'selinux', 'gui-emulated', 'qrexec'): if key in conf: if conf[key] == '1': vm.features[key] = conf[key] else: vm.log.warning( 'ignoring boolean config flags that are not \'1\'') for key in ( 'net.fake-ip', 'net.fake-gateway', 'net.fake-netmask'): if key in conf: if validate_ip(conf[key]): vm.features[key] = conf[key] else: vm.log.warning( 'ignoring invalid value for \'%s\'', key) if 'virt-mode' in conf: if conf['virt-mode'] == 'pv' and args.allow_pv: vm.virt_mode = 'pv' elif conf['virt-mode'] == 'pv': vm.log.warning( '--allow-pv not set, ignoring request to change virt-mode') elif conf['virt-mode'] in ('pvh', 'hvm'): vm.virt_mode = conf['virt-mode'] else: vm.log.warning('ignoring invalid value for virt-mode') if 'kernel' in conf: if conf['kernel'] == '': vm.kernel = '' else: vm.log.warning( 'Currently only supports setting kernel to (none)')
[docs] def pre_remove(args): '''Handle pre-removal tasks''' app = try: tpl =[] except KeyError: parser.error('No Qube with this name exists') for appvm in tpl.appvms: parser.error('Qube {} uses this template'.format( tpl.installed_by_rpm = False del[] return 0
[docs] def is_chroot(): '''Detect if running inside chroot''' try: stat_root = os.stat('/') stat_init_root = os.stat('/proc/1/root/.') return ( stat_root.st_dev != stat_init_root.st_dev or stat_root.st_ino != stat_init_root.st_ino) except IOError: return False
[docs] def main(args=None, app=None): '''Main function of qvm-template-postprocess''' args = parser.parse_args(args, app=app) if is_chroot(): print('Running in chroot, ignoring request. Import template with:', file=sys.stderr) print(' '.join(sys.argv), file=sys.stderr) return if not args.really: parser.error('Do not call this tool directly.') if args.action == 'post-install': loop = asyncio.get_event_loop() try: loop.run_until_complete(post_install(args)) loop.stop() loop.run_forever() finally: loop.close() elif args.action == 'pre-remove': pre_remove(args) else: parser.error('Unknown action') return 0
if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main())