qvm-backup-restore – Restores Qubes VMs from backup


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qvm-backup-restore [options] <backup-dir>


--help, -h

Show this help message and exit

--verbose, -v

Increase verbosity

--quiet, -q

Decrease verbosity


Do not restore the data, only verify backup integrity


Do not restore VMs that have missing templates or netvms


Ignore missing templates or netvms, restore VMs anyway


Do not restore VMs that are already present on the host


Restore VMs that are already present on the host under different names

--exclude=EXCLUDE, -x EXCLUDE

Skip restore of specified VM (might be repeated)


Do not restore dom0 user home dir


Ignore dom0 username mismatch while restoring homedir


Backup metadata contains expected size of each VM. By default if backup contains more data than expected, it is rejected. Use this option to ignore this limit and restore such (broken, or potentially malicious) backup anyway.

--compression-filter, -Z

Force specific compression filter, instead of the one named in the backup header. The compression filter is a command that accepts -d option to decompress data on stdin and output it to stdout. This can be used to override built-in protection against uncommon compression.

--dest-vm=APPVM, -d APPVM

Restore from a backup located in a specific AppVM

--passphrase-file, -p

Read passphrase from file, or use ‘-’ to read from stdin


Provided backup location is a qrexec service name (optionally with an argument, separated by +), instead of file path or a command.

--paranoid-mode, --plan-b

Isolate restore process in a DisposableVM, defend against potentially compromised backup. In this mode some parts of the backup are skipped, specifically:

  • dom0 home directory (desktop environment settings)

  • PCI devices assignments


When running with –paranoid-mode (see above), automatically close restore progress window after the restore process is finished and display restore log on the standard output. The log will be colored red if the standard output is a terminal.


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