qvm-check – Check qube


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qvm-check [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] [–all] [–exclude EXCLUDE] [–running] [–paused] [–template] [–networked] [VMNAME [VMNAME …]]


--help, -h

show this help message and exit

--verbose, -v

increase verbosity

--quiet, -q

decrease verbosity


perform the action on all qubes


exclude the qube from –all


Determine if (any of given) VM is running


Determine if (any of given) VM is paused


Determine if (any of given) VM is a template


Determine if (any of given) VM can reach network


Joanna Rutkowska <joanna at invisiblethingslab dot com>
Rafal Wojtczuk <rafal at invisiblethingslab dot com>
Marek Marczykowski <marmarek at invisiblethingslab dot com>
Wojtek Porczyk <woju at invisiblethingslab dot com>
Frédéric Pierret <frederic dot pierret at qubes dash os dot com>