qvm-clone – Clones an existing VM by copying all its disk files


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qvm-clone [options] VMNAME NEWVM


--help, -h

Show this help message and exit

--class=CLASS, -C CLASS

Create VM of different class than source VM. The tool will try to copy as much as possible data/metadata from source VM, but some information may be impossible to preserve (for example target VM have no matching properties).


Pool to use for the new domain. All volumes besides snapshots volumes are imported in to the specified POOL. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO USE NORMALLY.


Specify the pool to use for the specific volume


Log errors encountered when creating metadata, but continue with clone operation. Useful if qvm-appmenus call fails from an AdminVM during clone.

--quiet, -q

Be quiet

--verbose, -v

Increase verbosity


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