qvm-ls – List VMs and various information about them


qvm-ls [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] [–help-columns] [–help-formats] [–format FORMAT | –fields FIELD,…] [–tags TAG [TAG …]] [–running] [–paused] [–halted]


--help, -h

Show help message and exit


List all available columns with short descriptions and exit.


List all available formats with their definitions and exit.


List all qubes, this is default.


Exclude the qube from –all. You need to use –all option explicitly to use –exclude.

--format=FORMAT, -o FORMAT

Sets format to a list of columns defined by preset. All formats along with columns which they show can be listed with --help-formats.

--fields=FIELD,..., -O FIELD,...

Sets format to specified set of columns. This gives more control over --format. All columns along with short descriptions can be listed with --help-columns.

--tags TAG ...

Shows only VMs having specific tag(s).

--running, --paused, --halted

Shows only VMs matching the specified power state(s). When none of these options is used (default), all VMs are shown.


Output data in easy to parse format. Table header is skipped and columns are separated by | character.


Give plain list of VM names, without header or separator. Useful in scripts. Same as –raw-data –fields=name

--tree, -t

List domains as a network tree. Domains are sorted as they are connected to their netvms. Names are indented relative to the number of connected netvms.

--disk, -d

Same as –format=disk, for compatibility with Qubes 3.x

--network, -n

Same as –format=network, for compatibility with Qubes 3.x

--kernel, -k

Same as –format=kernel, for compatibility with Qubes 3.x

--verbose, -v

Increase verbosity.

--quiet, -q

Decrease verbosity.


Have a spinner spinning while the spinning mainloop spins new table cells.


No spinner today.


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