qvm-service – Manage (Qubes-specific) services started in VM


qvm-service [-l] <vmname>
qvm-service [-e|-d|-D] <vmname> <service>
qvm-service <vmname> <service> [on|off]


--help, -h

Show this help message and exit

--list, -l

List services (default action)

--enable, -e

Enable service

--disable, -d

Disable service

--default, -D, --delete, --unset

Reset service to its default state (remove from the list). Default state means “lets VM choose” and can depend on VM type (NetVM, AppVM etc).

--verbose, -v

increase verbosity

--quiet, -q

decrease verbosity

Supported services

This list can be incomplete as VM can implement any additional service without knowledge of qubes-core code.


Default: enabled everywhere excluding NetVM

This service reports VM memory usage to dom0, which effectively enables dynamic memory management for the VM.


This service is managed by dom0 code and is not visible for qvm-service tool.


Default: enabled only in ProxyVM

Dynamic firewall manager, based on settings in dom0 (qvm-firewall, firewall tab in qubes-manager). This service is not supported in netvms.


Default: enabled only in NetVM and ProxyVM

Expose network for other VMs. This includes enabling network forwarding, MASQUERADE, DNS redirection and basic firewall.


Default: enabled

Notify dom0 about updates available for this VM. This is shown in qubes-manager as ‘update-pending’ flag.


Default: enabled only in AppVM

Enable CUPS service. The user can disable cups in VM which do not need printing to speed up booting.


Default: disabled

Enable CRON service.


Default: enabled in every qube that has no netvm and has provides_network preference set to True

Enable NetworkManager. Only VM with direct access to network device needs this service, but can be useful in ProxyVM to ease VPN setup.


Default: disabled

Enable NTPD (or equivalent) service. If disabled, VM will sync clock with selected VM (aka ClockVM) instead. ClockVM for particular VM can be set in policy of qubes.GetDate service, using target= parameter.


Deprecated name for qubes-updates-proxy.


Default: enabled in NetVM

Provide proxy service, which allow access only to yum repos. Filtering is done based on URLs, so it shouldn’t be used as leak control (pretty easy to bypass), but is enough to prevent some erroneous user actions.


Deprecated name for updates-proxy-setup.


Default: enabled in AppVM (also in templates)

Setup yum at startup to use qubes-yum-proxy service.


this service is automatically enabled when you allow VM to access updates proxy and disabled when you deny access to updates proxy.


Default: disabled

Disables the default route for networking. Enabling this service will prevent the creation of the default route, but the VM will still be able to reach it’s direct neighbors. The functionality is implemented in /usr/lib/qubes/setup-ip.


Default: disabled

Enabling this service will result in an empty /etc/resolv.conf. The functionality is implemented in /usr/lib/qubes/setup-ip.


Default: disabled

Start lightdm and avoid starting qubes-gui-agent. In this case, lightdm is responsible to start the X.org server.


Default: disabled

Enable common mandatory functionalities in a GuiVM.


Default: disabled

When enabled, it starts hybrid GuiVM specific functionality.


Default: disabled

When enabled, it starts VNC GuiVM specific functionality.


Default: disabled

When enabled, GNOME Tracker is started. This provides desktop search features for the GNOME desktop and for certain GNOME applications By default, it will parse and index files in:

  • ~/Documents, ~/Pictures, ~/Music, and ~/Videos, including all subdirectories of these directories.

  • The directories ~ and ~/Downloads, but _not_ including any subdirectories thereof.

If GNOME Tracker is not installed in the qube, this has no effect.


Default: disabled

When enabled, Evolution Data Server is started. This provides an API for applications to integrate with the Evolution mail and calendar client, and is mostly used by GNOME applications. If Evolution Data Server is not installed in the qube, this has no effect.


Joanna Rutkowska <joanna at invisiblethingslab dot com>
Rafal Wojtczuk <rafal at invisiblethingslab dot com>
Marek Marczykowski <marmarek at invisiblethingslab dot com>
Frédéric Pierret <frederic dot pierret at qubes dash os dot org>