qvm-start – start a domain


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qvm-start [-h] [options] VMNAME


--help, -h

Show help message and exit.

--verbose, -v

Increase verbosity.

--quiet, -q

Decrease verbosity.


Do not fail if the qube is already runnning


perform the action on all qubes


exclude the qube from –all


Temporarily attach specified drive as CD/DVD or hard disk (can be specified with prefix “hd:” or “cdrom:”, default is cdrom). The syntax for the device itself is “qube_name:device_name”, meaning device_name served by qube_name. See qvm-block output for a list of available devices.

Additionally, “qube_name:path” syntax can be used. This will setup loop device inside qube_name, pointing at path, and will use it as device. You need to clean up that loop device yourself, but it will also cleanup itself at next qube restart. This syntax is available only when calling this tool from dom0.


Temporarily attach specified drive as hard disk. This is equivalent with –drive=hd:DRIVE.


Temporarily attach specified drive as CD/DVD. This is equivalent with –drive=cdrom:DRIVE.


Temporarily attach Windows tools CDROM to the domain. This is equivalent with –cdrom=dom0:/usr/lib/qubes/qubes-windows-tools.iso.


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