Source code for qubes.exc

# The Qubes OS Project,
# Copyright (C) 2015  Joanna Rutkowska <[email protected]>
# Copyright (C) 2015  Wojtek Porczyk <[email protected]>
# This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
# version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License along with this library; if not, see <>.

Qubes OS exception hierarchy

[docs]class QubesException(Exception): '''Exception that can be shown to the user'''
[docs]class QubesVMNotFoundError(QubesException, KeyError): '''Domain cannot be found in the system''' def __init__(self, vmname): super(QubesVMNotFoundError, self).__init__( 'No such domain: {!r}'.format(vmname)) self.vmname = vmname
[docs]class QubesVMError(QubesException): '''Some problem with domain state.''' def __init__(self, vm, msg): super(QubesVMError, self).__init__(msg) self.vm = vm
[docs]class QubesVMInUseError(QubesVMError): '''VM is in use, cannot remove.''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesVMInUseError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Domain is in use: {!r}'.format(
[docs]class QubesVMNotStartedError(QubesVMError): '''Domain is not started. This exception is thrown when machine is halted, but should be started (that is, either running or paused). ''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesVMNotStartedError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Domain is powered off: {!r}'.format(
[docs]class QubesVMNotRunningError(QubesVMNotStartedError): '''Domain is not running. This exception is thrown when machine should be running but is either halted or paused. ''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesVMNotRunningError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Domain not running (either powered off or paused): {!r}' \ .format(
[docs]class QubesVMNotPausedError(QubesVMNotStartedError): '''Domain is not paused. This exception is thrown when machine should be paused, but is not. ''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesVMNotPausedError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Domain is not paused: {!r}'.format(
[docs]class QubesVMNotSuspendedError(QubesVMError): '''Domain is not suspended. This exception is thrown when machine should be suspended but is either halted or running. ''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesVMNotSuspendedError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Domain is not suspended: {!r}'.format(
[docs]class QubesVMNotHaltedError(QubesVMError): '''Domain is not halted. This exception is thrown when machine should be halted, but is not (either running or paused). ''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesVMNotHaltedError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Domain is not powered off: {!r}'.format(
[docs]class QubesVMShutdownTimeoutError(QubesVMError): '''Domain shutdown timed out. ''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesVMShutdownTimeoutError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Domain shutdown timed out: {!r}'.format(
[docs]class QubesNoTemplateError(QubesVMError): '''Cannot start domain, because there is no template''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesNoTemplateError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Template for the domain {!r} not found'.format(
[docs]class QubesValueError(QubesException, ValueError): '''Cannot set some value, because it is invalid, out of bounds, etc.'''
[docs]class QubesPropertyValueError(QubesValueError): '''Cannot set value of, because user-supplied value is wrong. ''' def __init__(self, holder, prop, value, msg=None): super(QubesPropertyValueError, self).__init__( msg or 'Invalid value {!r} for property {!r} of {!r}'.format( value, prop.__name__, holder)) self.holder = holder self.prop = prop self.value = value
[docs]class QubesNoSuchPropertyError(QubesException, AttributeError): '''Requested property does not exist ''' def __init__(self, holder, prop_name, msg=None): super(QubesNoSuchPropertyError, self).__init__( msg or 'Invalid property {!r} of {!s}'.format( prop_name, holder)) self.holder = holder self.prop = prop_name
[docs]class QubesNotImplementedError(QubesException, NotImplementedError): '''Thrown at user when some feature is not implemented''' def __init__(self, msg=None): super(QubesNotImplementedError, self).__init__( msg or 'This feature is not available')
[docs]class BackupCancelledError(QubesException): '''Thrown at user when backup was manually cancelled''' def __init__(self, msg=None): super(BackupCancelledError, self).__init__( msg or 'Backup cancelled')
[docs]class QubesMemoryError(QubesVMError, MemoryError): '''Cannot start domain, because not enough memory is available''' def __init__(self, vm, msg=None): super(QubesMemoryError, self).__init__(vm, msg or 'Not enough memory to start domain {!r}'.format(
[docs]class QubesFeatureNotFoundError(QubesException, KeyError): '''Feature not set for a given domain''' def __init__(self, domain, feature): super(QubesFeatureNotFoundError, self).__init__( 'Feature not set for domain {}: {}'.format(domain, feature)) self.feature = feature self.vm = domain
[docs]class QubesTagNotFoundError(QubesException, KeyError): '''Tag not set for a given domain''' def __init__(self, domain, tag): super().__init__('Tag not set for domain {}: {}'.format( domain, tag)) self.vm = domain self.tag = tag