qvm-tags – manage domain’s tags


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qvm-tags [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] VMNAME {list,ls,l} [TAG]
qvm-tags [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] VMNAME {add,a,set} TAG
qvm-tags [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] VMNAME {del,d,unset,u} TAG


--help, -h

Show the help message and exit.

--verbose, -v

Increase verbosity.

--quiet, -q

Decrease verbosity.



qvm-tags [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] VMNAME list [TAG]

List tags. If tag name is given, check if this tag is set for the VM and signal this with exit code (0 - tag is set, 1 - it is not).

aliases: ls, l


qvm-tags [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] VMNAME add TAG [TAG …]

Add tag(s) to a VM. If tag is already set for given VM, do nothing.

aliases: a, set


qvm-tags [-h] [–verbose] [–quiet] VMNAME del TAG [TAG …]

Delete tag(s) from a VM. If tag is not set for given VM, do nothing.

aliases: d, unset, u


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