qubes.ext – Qubes extensions

Module contents

Qubes extensions.

Extensions provide additional features (like application menus) found only on some systems. They may be OS- or architecture-dependent or custom-developed for particular customer.

class qubes.ext.Extension[source]

Bases: object

Base class for all extensions

qubes.ext.handler(*events, **kwargs)[source]

Event handler decorator factory.

To hook an event, decorate a method in your plugin class with this decorator. You may hook both per-vm-class and global events.


This decorator is intended only for extensions! For regular use in the core, see qubes.events.handler().

  • event (str) – event type

  • vm (type) – VM to hook (leave as None to hook all VMs)

  • system (bool) – when True, hook is system-wide (not attached to any VM)

Extensions defined here

class qubes.ext.block.BlockDeviceExtension[source]
class qubes.ext.core_features.CoreFeatures[source]
class qubes.ext.gui.GUI[source]
class qubes.ext.pci.PCIDeviceExtension[source]
class qubes.ext.r3compatibility.R3Compatibility[source]

Maintain VM interface compatibility with R3.0 and R3.1. At least where possible.

class qubes.ext.services.ServicesExtension[source]

This extension export features with ‘service.’ prefix to QubesDB in /qubes-service/ tree.

class qubes.ext.vm_config.VMConfig[source]

This extension export features with ‘vm-config.’ prefix to QubesDB in /vm-config/ tree.