qubes.vm.appvm – Application VM

This module contains the AppVM implementation

class qubes.vm.appvm.AppVM(app, xml, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: qubes.vm.qubesvm.QubesVM

Application VM


When domain is loaded assert that this vm has a template.

on_property_pre_reset_template(event, name, oldvalue=None)[source]

Forbid deleting template of running VM

on_property_pre_set_template(event, name, newvalue, oldvalue=None)[source]

Forbid changing template of running VM

on_property_set_template(event, name, newvalue, oldvalue=None)[source]

Adjust root (and possibly other snap_on_start=True) volume on template change.


Returns a generator containing all Disposable VMs based on the current AppVM.


Template, on which this AppVM is based.


Should this VM be allowed to start as Disposable VM